Your Local Juice Bar

Our juice bar offers delicious and healthy beverages made with fresh and nutritious ingredients. We are passionate about promoting healthy living and providing exceptional customer service. Come visit us for a quick energy boost or a refreshing and tasty drink


Our smoothies are thick, healthy and refreshing, made from blended raw fruit and/or vegetables, with other ingredients such as coconut water or nut milk.

Acai Bowls

What is Açai? Açai is a berry grown in Central and South America, Brazil and Peru. It’s very rich in antioxidants, minerals, healthy fats and vitamins.


Consuming plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is a key component in maintaining optimum health. Fruits and vegetables contain loads of vitamins and minerals that play an important role in reducing your risk for cancers, heart disease, diabetes and other conditions.

From Farm, to Table

Today, everyone seems to be striving to live a healthier lifestyle. At Juicebox we believe this is all much easier said than done. (We’re realists; we know change is hard and inconvenient.) For us, it’s about healthy lifestyle goals, but it’s about balance too.

Local Farms & Markets

we like to help promote other small businesses, which is why we service fruit and vegetables from local farms and markets.

Gift Cards

Can't decide what to get for someone as a gift? How about a juicebox gift card?

Nutritional Value

When you want to boost your intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, juicing is a good way to achieve that goal.

What They Say?

“Great-tasting healthy smoothies with no added sugars and unsweetened almond milk! I tried the ' I Can't believe it has Spinach' smoothie. The customer service was great and the store was nice and clean!”
“This place is great. The fruit bowls are amazing and fresh. I never see gnats flying around which is important. Yes I look 😀. Always courteous.... parking is tight during the weekdays but it’s worth going. I frequent them for ginger shots when I don’t have time to make it myself.”
“I've never had a acai bowl or dragon fruit bowl. Today me and a friend had the Rainbow Dragon Fruit Bowl at the Riverside location and it was yummy! Very refreshing after our 4 mile walk. I will definitely be back to try something else!”

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Have Fun. Be Amazing.

It is our mission to make wellness the simplest and most delectable part of your daily routine. We strive to make it easy for you to incorporate healthy habits into your life, so that you can feel your best every day.